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hello, we are thinking.

Our team has skills and experience in content, design, engineering, marketing and production.
We offer exceptional digital services and products for a variety of clients.
Here you can find a selection of projects we designed and developed in the past few years.

The Team

We have a small core team and work with a network of partners and freelancers, depending on the project at hand. Our come team members are:

 George Papanagiotou
Managing Director
George holds a BA and an MA from Essex University, UK, in Social & Political Sciences. He has 20 years of work experience in project management and research projects and he is the co-founder and co-owner of thinking. He is mainly responsible for business development and project management, but also enjoys working on content strategy and Information Architecture.

 Aris Karatarakis
 Product Development, IA/UX 
Aris is a business administration graduate from La Verne University and holds an MSc degree in International Business Management from Surrey University, UK. He has more than 10 years of experience working with digital services and products. Throughout his 9 years of working at thinking, he has undergone training and accumulated experience in the fields of Information Architecture and UX. He is in charge of product development and has lately been focusing on interface usability and accessibility.

 Panos Papanagiotou
 Art Director 
Panos completed his studies in Interior Design (BA, Leeds College of Art & Design, UK). and then moved on to Graphic Design, which he studied (MA) at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. Panos worked in the UK for 5 years as a freelance designer and a Senior Graphic Designer at Spawforths, Leeds (UK), an architectural and urban planning firm. He then returned to Athens (2009) to found thinking and has since served as the Creative Director in charge of all of our design work. He has an extended portfolio in branding and design projects, book cover and poster design, magazines’ art direction and audiovisual and experimental applications.

 Michalis Kalamaras
 Head of Marketing and Content 
Michalis works in digital publishing consulting, content development and digital marketing for thinking, for the last 9 years. Since 2008 he has founded the website eAnagnostis︎︎︎, which stands for “e-reader” in Greek, and he writes, gives talks and organises events on e-books and digital publishing. He is a philologist by training and has worked as a proofreader and copy editor. An advocate of reading in digital formats, he likes to sit at the intersection of books and technology.

 Hannes Vieider
 Head of Development
Hannes is the Head of Development at thinking since 2020. He has completed a BA and an MA from University of Innsbruck in Computer Science. During his study in Austria he started working in a web development company and focusing on WordPress development. After University Hannes changed from web development into the health-it department for about 2 years before changing his focus back to web development and custom made inventory management software solutions for small businesses.

 Maria Rousounelou 
Maria Rousounelou is currently working as a Graphic Designer at Thinking. She graduated from Vakalo Art & Design College holding a BA Honours degree in Arts and Design. Her involvement in various research fields has given her a holistic view of design. She has a clear preference for printed materials but is also enhancing her digital skills. Recently, she has been experimenting with various printing methods and has attended seminars on Silkscreen and Riso. Since 2023, she has been collaborating with Pavlos Lavithis on  Paperlocs , a side project focused on handmade papermaking.

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